Ammunition for Snipers

The SWISS P family of rifle cartridges has been developed especially for snipers, sharpshooters and marksmen engaged in precision shooting. All products of the SWISS P line are characterised by their exceptional accuracy, target effect and perfectly matched ballistics.

For police professional shooters of today, military and other units, the products of the SWISS P line are available in all common calibres: .223 Rem., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag. und .338 Lapua Mag as well as .300 Whisper. The shooter can select from a variety of bullet types, such as Armour Piercing (AP), Ball, Target, Tactical, Styx Action and Subsonic.

The cartridges of the SWISS P line are premium products and meet highest demands. All SWISS P cartridges achieve the precision of MoA ≤1. Additionally, these cartridges offer an above average hit accuracy and first class reliability. An excellent first-shot hit probability is thus guaranteed. The terminal and deployment oriented target effects of the special application cartridges are outstandingly high in both soft and hard targets.

Of special interest is also the perfectly matched ballistics of the SWISS P products, which guarantees that all cartridges of the same calibre have the same trajectories up to a certain application distance, so that sight readjustment in case of a situation-specific cartridge change is not required during the operation. The shooter can thus concentrate entirely on firing without wasting precious time.

SWISS P – The Sniper’s Choice